Episode 9

June 06, 2021


Reflections on the Leicester Conference

Hosted by

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Radel Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Roland J. Schuster Samuel Friedl
Reflections on the Leicester Conference
Reflections on the Leicester Conference

Jun 06 2021 | 00:42:09


Show Notes

More than six years later, the Tavistock Leicester Conference still has an impact on my professional and personal life. In this episode I am going to share some of the learnings I experienced during and after the conference. Among them:

  1. Dependancy on authorities
  2. Phantasies of organizations and roles
  3. The unconsciuous is at play

Besides that, I am broefly talking about how I experienced the conference as a whole. 

As additional reading, I recommend the paper by David L. Bradford and Elliot Aronson: "The week at Inverness", which can be found here (last access 2021-06-06).

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