August 13, 2021


The NTL HI Lab

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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Radel Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Roland J. Schuster Samuel Friedl
The NTL HI Lab
The NTL HI Lab

Aug 13 2021 | 00:49:28


Show Notes

The NTL HI Lab is one of the signature programs of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science (NTL), running for more than 7 decades. It is composed of three main elements:

  1. T-Groups, as you might know them from other formats,
  2. Community Learning Sessions to help you learn theory and apply it in the next T-Group and
  3. Learning Partners who support your individual learning and sense making during the week.

Lab might be a strange name, but Robert explains, that a Lab means that you can experiment with your behavior in a group and become more successful in other contexts, where you interact with people. During a Lab the focus is on visible behavior in the here-and-now (what is happening in the moment in the group), to help you to understand emotional impact of behavior and adjust your own behavior in a way that your personal learning goals are met.

This combination makes it unique among the group dynamic or group relations formats.

With some 35 years of management experience in companies like IBM and Digital Equipment Corporation, Robert Wallace, who is the guest in this episode, is talking about his experience as a facilitator of the NTL HI Lab. Robert is an Electrical Engineer and a member of NTL where he is a staff member for Human Interaction Labs and Management Work Conferences.

After this episode you are going to have an idea about the design of an NTL HI Lab and what to expect during this unique experience.

More about Robert:

And the NTL HI Lab:


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